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HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+% Purity MnCO3

HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+% Purity MnCO3

    • HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+%  Purity MnCO3
    • HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+%  Purity MnCO3
  • HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+%  Purity MnCO3

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: SICHUAN
    Brand Name: SAN-XIANG
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: NBS1812

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 25 kgs / bag
    Delivery Time: 5-7 days after payment
    Supply Ability: 2000 ton/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material Name: Manganese Carbonate Powder Other Name: Manganous Carbonate
    Grade: Industry Grade Purity: 43.5%
    Color: Brown Use: For Manganese Nitrate Salt
    Package: 25kg/bag Jumbo Bag Pallet Molecular Formula: MnCO3
    Cas No: 598-62-9 HS Code: 28369990
    High Light:

    manganese ii oxide


    manganese sulfate monohydrate

    Manganese carbonate  wet powder MnCO3

    43.5-44% purity  industry grade

    Manganese carbonate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production
    Manganese Carbonate is a water-insoluble manganese source which occurs naturally in the form of mineral rhodochrosite. It can easily be converted to other manganese compounds, such as the oxide by heating.
    Manganese carbonate can be widely applied in various fields. In the field of agriculture, it is commonly used as an additive to plant fertilizers, which is effective to cure the crops with manganese deficiency. It can also be applied in ceramics as a porcelain glaze, glaze colorant and flux and it serves as a catalyst in viscose process. Besides, it has been proved to be used as a hematinic in the field of medicine. Other applications of manganese carbonate involve in health foods, chemical industry and etc.
    Manganese carbonate is a brown solid with the chemical formula MnCO3. Its IUPAC name is Manganese(II) carbonate. The substance has EINECS registry number 209-942-9 and CAS registry number 598-62-9. In addition, it is insoluble in water which is stable and incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents. Meanwhile, Manganese carbonate may be moisture senstive. When using Manganese carbonate, you should be very cautious about it. On the one hand, you must not breathe its dust. On the other hand, you must avoid contact with skin and eyes. 
    Chemical Properties
    Brown powder
    Manganese(II) carbonate occurs in nature as the mineral rhodochrosite [14476-12-1] (manganese spar). This ore also is used to produce manganese dioxide (by electrolytic process). The pure compound is used as gemstones; and as a pigment (manganese white).
    As pigment"manganese white"; drier for varnishes; in feeds.
    Manganese(II) carbonate is mined from its naturally occurring mineral rhodochrosite. The compound may be prepared in the laboratory as a palepink precipitate by adding sodium bicarbonate to a solution of manganese(II) salt saturated with carbon dioxide. The product obtained is monohydrate, MnCO3•H2O. However, if the carbon dioxide-saturated solution, together with the above monohydrate precipitate, is heated in the absence of atmosphere oxygen, the monohydrate MnCO3•H2O is converted into the anhydrous MnCO3.
    Manganese carbonate Preparation Products And Raw materials
    HS Code 28369990 Manganese Ii Oxide , Manganese Carbonate Powder Price Mn 43.5+%  Purity MnCO3 0
    Raw materials
    HYDROGEN SULFIDE SULFURIC ACID 2-(5-methyl-2-propan-2-yl-phenoxy)ethanamine Manganese dioxide MANGANESE (II) OXIDE ManganeseManganese(II) sulfate monohydrate Manganese nitrate Manganese sulfate Ammonium bicarbonate Sulfuric acid Ammonia
    Preparation Products
    Manganese chloride Mancozeb Electrolytic manganese bioxide Manganous dihydrogen phosphate Dodecyl aldehyde Manganese(II) citrate Manganese dioxide LITHIUM MANGANESE OXIDE Manganese nitrate MANGANESE(II) HYPOPHOSPHITE MONOHYDRATE Manganese LITHIUM MANGANITEManganese chloride tetrahydrate
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    1.Grade : FOOD GRADE , INDUSTRY GRADE for manganese nitrate salt produce ,
    2.Purity: Mn >=43.5
    3.Molecular formula:MnCO3
    4. Molecular Weight:114.95
    5. CAS No: 598-62-9; 34156-69-9
    6. HS CODE: :28369990
    rosy rhombus crystal or formless light brown powder , relative density 3.125 .almost insoluble in water, but slightly soluble in water containing CO2. Soluble in dilute inorganic acid, slightly soluble in common organic salt, insoluble in liquid ammonia. Stable in dry air, wet easily oxidized to form manganese oxide gradually becomes black, heated hours of the liberation of the CO2, when water is azeotropic hydrolysis. The boiling potassium hydroxide, the formation of manganese hydroxide.
    The material of ferrite for electrical equipment, Industrial Manganous Carbonate used as catalyst, pigment, drier, the material of manganous salts, or used in medicine, mechanical parts and phosphating process. It also can be used in the fertilizer as track element.
    9 Technical Specification:
    in conformity with: GB10503-89
    Item I
    MnCO3(Cal.with Mn) 43.5-44%
    Sulfate(Cal.with SO4) 0.03 % max.
    Chloride(Cal. With Cl) 0.01 % max.
    Solicon dioxide(Cal.with SiO2) 0.01 % max.
    Aluminium(Al) 0.01 % max.
    Potassium K 0.01 % max.
    Sodium Na 0.02 % max.
    Calcium Ca 0.03 % max.
    Magnesium Mg 0.02 % max.
    Lead Pb 0.005 % max.
    10.Brief introduction of producing method : pyrolusite powder direct acidification method (two-mine method)
    Manganese Carbonate, 45% Purity Mnco3, Mnco3 Manufacturer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Industrial Grade Manganese Carbonate (Mnco3), Paints Using High Quality TitaniumDioxide Rutile (R1930), Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide R218 (General use) and so on.

    We produce manganous carbonate both technical ( industry ) grade and electronic phosphorization grade,
    about 5000 tons every year.
    manganese carbonate industrial grade, adopting direct acidification method for soft manganese ore powders (two-ores method), oft manganese ore is Calcined into manganese oxide and then acidification, reduced the calcination process, greatly saves equipment investment, reduce the pollution of the environment, and reduce the cost.The appearance is rosy, triangular crystal or amorphous bright white brown powder.Relative density 3.125.Almost insoluble in water, slightly soluble in water with carbon dioxide.Soluble in dilute mineral acid, slightly soluble in ordinary organic acids, insoluble in alcohol and liquid ammonia.Stable in dry air.When wet, its easy for oxidation, manganese sesquioxide will be informed, gradually becoming dark brown, then emitting carbon dioxide by thermal decomposition.

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